Have Patience With Passion

I love the idea of following your passion. Stalking the things you lust after in life with a determined stride – a cartoon heart pulsating through your sweater.

Ba boom ba boom!

Photograph by Kai Hendry (Creative Commons)

But what if you don’t have a passion? What if you have been slow to find that buzz and you are hovering behind a tree trunk attempting to look inconspicuous, while the frenzied masses parade brazenly through the park?

Passions are not passed out freely like t-shirts at a play off game. They are not allocated like names on a birth certificate. As we grow, some of us discover pursuits that consume our soul. Fill us with heat. Compel us to create. But not all of us.  We make attempts. We make mistakes. We try again. We give up. We move on. We stagnate. We begin to question what it is that we have been put on earth to do? The constant carnival around us can feel overwhelming. So much pressure to compete. So much expectation to fashion an elaborate headdress and join the parade with a trombone, when some mornings we can barely get out of our pjs and muster shaking a rusty tambourine.

So what’s the answer if you feel passionless?


Patience with yourself. Patience with pottering. Patience with lighting lots of little votive candles instead of being swallowed whole by an inferno. Patience and passion originate from the same root – the latin word ‘pati’, which interestingly means ‘to suffer’. Waiting for a passion to unfurl in your soul can feel distressing, but then again, so can dealing with the intensity of talent. The drive to produce. The push to be consistently ‘on’. So if suffering is the common demoninator, than why not just accept that one is not infinitely better than the other?

If you don’t have an obvious passion to follow, don’t despair. It doesn’t mean you don’t have something valuable to offer. There is a place for us all. A place for the ponderers, the investigators, the reflective dreamers and a place for the flame throwers who tango on the float.

Exchange energies occasionally. Trade a delicate fallen leaf with a glittery tiara and learn that both can be extraordinary.

Write for ten minutes using the words Passion and Patience as springboards. Share your thoughts on this post in the comments or share a story triggered by your reflections. If you’ve been reading every week but have yet to share a response… why not let today be the day?


3 Responses to “Have Patience With Passion”

  1. Kristin
    May 14, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    Did you write this post especially for me? Have you been peeking the sad little Hello Kitty Diary of my mind?Stagnant. Stuck. Passionless. All very much where I am living as currently suffering from the decidedly ridiculous problem of having too much time on my hands and, not being of the tennis game/ladies who lunch mindset, I find myself Googling such topics as: Become a Private Eye in CA or Disaster Response Certification… hoping something grabs me and won't let go.Never have been in this place before I find it unsettling… I've always been so sure of what I want and exactly how to go about getting whatever that "it" is… this, this nowhere land, is the pits.Thank you for this post… it gives me great comfort to know that I am probably not alone.

    • Rory Green
      May 15, 2012 at 3:23 am #

      You are very welcome. Thank you for being brave enough to share where you are at… I am a great believer in sowing a few different seeds and seeing if any of them grow. You have a lot more to share with the world… I know that for sure!

  2. breakfastandotherstories
    May 16, 2012 at 2:25 am #

    It strikes me we are often both these things – or either one thing or the other at different times in our lives. Passionate and 'in' it and then waiting, reflecting, hoping for the roller coaster, wondering when it will take us away again, slightly scared of it too. I sometimes think back to those 'down' times as really important periods, almost a time out. We need both maybe…..? Another really thoughtful piece, Rory – you always tap into something we could do with re-examining.

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