Ready, Steady, Write # 15

Photograph by David Green, 2012

We all stumble across weird in things in the world
but then just pass them by.
Tune into what’s around you.
Curiosity opens up your writing
and leaves you willing to receive.

(remember the fun part is sharing it)

Could be anything, right?

Fiction, a personal response, a poem, one line
Whatever YOU choose
At Write To Be You
there is always permission to play!

2 Responses to “Ready, Steady, Write # 15”

  1. Jen
    May 17, 2012 at 5:37 pm #

    The signs seem to be everywhere. I'm running late again. Clothes lying in piles all around. Dirty dishes looming in every corner. Dust from a healthy green powders and a mixture of coffee grounds and kid crackers are strewn across the counter. Sigh. I grab my keys. I'm out. Ugh. Stuck in traffic. Bumper to number as it is in L.A. I weave in and out wherever I can. I never drive like this with the baby in the car. Why am I rushing? I'm headed to a spot that fills me with great peace and mindfulness. Wait – peace and mindfulnes. Is the traffic a sign I should slow down? I mean really SLOW DOWN? Not today I decide. I need to hurry to get to my peace. I watch the minutes tick upward on the display. "Hurry Up!" I say to the couple clinging to eachother on the motorcycle in front of me. Let's go! I have some place to be. Ah, but I think, "my friend just died in a motorcycle accident.". Maybe I should be careful. Give them some space. My foot taps impatiently as I wait for the light to turn green. I'll just pass them quickly when the road opens to two lanes. Then I don't have to think about it. The death. The constant dying that seems to be happening lately. Just a few minutes ago, I had learned a pop diva has died. She wasn't that old. Not much older than my mom. Is my mom next? Am I?As I race through the tunnel I see it – a large retro sign painted on the side of an industrial building. "Hey – snap out of it!" it reads. Snap out of it. I do. I'm on my way to the place that gives me great peace and mindfulness. I choose to absorb the sign. I CHOOSE to slow down. I CHOOSE to breathe. I choose not to ignore the sign.

  2. Jessica
    May 23, 2012 at 4:42 pm #

    All I can ever hear when I see or hear the words “Snap out of it,” is Cher snapping at and slapping Jack on “Will and Grace.” I think “Snap out of it,” is a line from “Moonstruck,” but I’ve never seen the film. Much like the books we were all “supposed to read” in high school, I seem to have missed all the movies we were supposed to see as children of the 80s. Being an only child, I watched whatever the adults were watching that they deemed appropriate for me; Alf, Disney, Cheers, occasionally Moonlighting if Addison and Maddie weren’t being too flirty. A woman like Cher, who inspired cross-dressers and strutted across battleships in see through pantyhose, didn’t make the cut. Suffice it to say, I now can do an amazing impression of Jack’s impression of Cher. =)

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