Ready, Steady Write #23

Find your miracle today…

write for ten minutes using the image as your starting point

share your discoveries in the comments…

2 Responses to “Ready, Steady Write #23”

  1. Alicia Gargaro-Magana
    December 3, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    What a lovely image and exercise! Here is my ten minutes…12.3.12 –

    Gentle Goddess, glamourous and true, what could it mean what I see in you? The future holds dear that which we have yet to discover, yet, we need to hold true that which we already know. What you already know. You know your future. It is just now yours to action towards attaining it.

    And what does that mean? When I feel absolutely unable to take one step in front of the other. When all I want to do is hole up in my room and write and not talk and not speak to anyone but my characters. They are the only real ones alive to me right now. I live in their world! But here, I have a gentle hand which comes towards the crystal ball. My hair gleaming, shining, waxen, my fingers, light, my gown precise and magnificent. I am already in my world, in my life, living it, breathing it. I am already here… I can see it in the crystal. Come out, come out, wherever you are! Ah, look who has arrived. Myself. In a gown, ready for the parade. When we go out we send the messages. The messages that we are the living breathing symbol of our art. We are our own brilliance manifested now. Even if I’m tired and can’t think straight. That is the truth and the truth will set us free. Will set me free. But to contemplate what is not true to what it true? If I know my future, grab it, attain it, manifest it, I can actualize it, conceptualize it and design it. It is the future I see, not someone else’s, therefore, what is stopping me from being me? There’s only one! I take the time to brush my hair gleaming and attach my adornments to pull my hair back as I look into what is coming. I am ready for the close up. But I must get closer too. I must not be afraid to let the light in to shine the way deeper. It is not fear. It is laziness and unfocusedness and… okay fear. Fear comes and goes. It will sit on my shoulder like a sentry and keep watch. The owl will hoot. I will look over my shoulder at who is coming or who is watching or who will peep back at me from my ball. We must be gentle and therefore let the air in. Create the light, send it out. It is the calling you may not have asked for, but here it is at your doorstep. UPS has already gone for the day. Do you want to come in, light? You ask? I am sure there is room. We can find a place to put you. Inside outside you look to be adaptable. That is what we need right now. Something we can bend or shape. Indeed, it is magic.

  2. Gail willington
    April 5, 2016 at 3:28 am #

    I see you wherever I go. You accompany me on my journey through life and in my day dreams.
    Today I use my crystal to reaffirm my life with you – life was like stained glass radiating colour and intrigue right to the end of our time together. The crystal glints like your eyes, sparkling, clear and provocative. I am reminded of the jewel that was you. Namaste x
    When you died a part of me died too but, I can see a future in the crystal, a future I thought was not possible without you. The crystal reminds me that with you the bond continues and no one can remove you from my heart.
    I am emerging form my womb like world and you my dear crystal have given me clarity. I shall smile again and you are not lost to me.

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