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There's a distinct difference between writer's block and writer's blah. Writer's block is dense. Brick. Concrete. Slab. Writer's blah is foggy. Murky. Swampy. Slump. Writer's block is hard to miss. It's the desolation of a blank page. A flashing cursor…

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Face to Facebook

Ever since I was young, I was drawn towards a few very close friendships…choosing intimacy and emotional connection over flittering throngs of social butterflies. But still those butterflies' shimmering wings attracted my attention. Recently on Facebook a girl from my…

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Spontaneous Acts of Dancing

When was the last time that you did something spontaneous? I mean REALLY spontaneous. Not the variety that involves choosing a different shampoo from the one you've been loyal to for the last year. I mean the - oh my…

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And Then Again

I spoke to my sister in London yesterday who told me that spring is in in the air.  She works at a school, and she noticed that the children had finally emerged from their thick puffy coats and were running…

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Wobbly Bridge

Navigating change can bring up a myriad of feelings.  Hope, uncertainty, fear, excitement, anxiety - to name a few.  We manoeuvre through subtle transitions on a daily basis, sometimes without even being aware of them. But when faced with a…

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