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Goldilocks and the Three Apples

Goldilocks bolted down her block, her heart beating rapidly.  She was on her way to the mall with a fist full of crumpled money and a head full of chocolate brown Ugg Boots.  So what if her mother was expecting her to return home with five rotisserie chickens for her granny’s book club?  She had alternate plans and a vast imagination. She’d simply explain to her mother that a lone dark wolf, also apparently hosting a book club that afternoon, had unexpectedly apprehended her, grabbing the chickens and fleeing with such speed that he’d flown right out of his boots.

Chocolate brown UGG boots to be precise.  Delicious!

Talking of, she was a little hungry. She’d rushed out this morning neglecting to eat breakfast.  Not surprisingly, Golidilocks skidded to a cartoon halt as she passed a neighbour’s house and was arrested by a comforting, oaty smell wafting from under their front door.  Her mother liked to call this ‘getting distracted’ but Goldiocks preferred to think of it as ‘staying curious’.

She knew the house belonged to The Bears.  She had often seen them sitting in their minivan programming their sat nav.

Goldilocks decided to stop for a moment. Just a wee moment. Her stomach was leading the way. She pressed her nose to the window mesmerised. All three Bears were at the breakfast table.  Daddy Bear on his MacBook Air, Mummy Bear on her iPad and Baby Bear on his iPod Touch.

They were so engrossed, they didn’t notice Goldilocks in the window, her face like a flattened pancake.
They were so engrossed, they had left three untouched, tasty, nourishing bowls of porridge growing lonely and cold in front of them.
They were so engrossed, that they paid no attention when Goldilocks ever so quietly opened the front door and silently slid into the house and under the table.

First, she coiled her arm up like a snake and snuck a smidgen of porridge from Daddy Bear’s bowl  (he was scrolling through pictures on Facebook and feeling mildly envious of Larry’s new young wife.)

Goldilocks spat it out! Yuck!  There was nothing that irked her more than lukewarm, lumpy porridge!

She scooched over to Mummy Bear to try her luck.  Mummy Bear was busy tweeting a picture of her porridge to her 9,781 followers.

Goldilocks gagged. Another mouthful of disgusting tepid goo.

Lastly, Goldilocks crawled towards Baby Bear, who was playing Angry Birds and looking just as furious.  She reached up her hand and dipped in the spoon.  When the porridge arrived on her tongue – it was perfect.  Just the right temperature.  Creamy and delicious.  She rescued the bowl and gobbled the remains, savouring the milky warmth.

When Goldilocks finished, she tugged at Baby Bear’s shoelace. Perhaps the Wolf with the chicken fetish and the chocolate brown Uggs could wait for another hour or so? Baby Bear slammed down his iPod and grunted, but when he saw Goldilocks under the table clutching the empty bowl, he smiled mischievously. At last, a real person to play with who didn’t have an annoying squawk and a constantly furrowed brow. He hadn’t wanted to eat his porridge anyway.  The only thing he’d asked for that morning was – an Apple.


The moral of this story? Keep your imagination limber. Stay Curious.  Seek out human connection.  And most importantly – DON’T LET YOUR PORRIDGE GROW COLD AND LUMPY!

Writing Prompt for today: Recreate a mini fairytale.  Be adventurous – let the story lead you. And /or write about curiosity.  Do you have enough of it?  Are you curious about the world around you?  Other people?  What would you like to find out more about? Curiosity fuels both our writing and our sense of self.

I’m loving your stories and responses in the comments section, and I’ve no doubt that each one spurs on the next.  Keep them coming! Everything you send is received with gratitude and interest.


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2012 is fast approaching and instead of compiling my usual list of tired resolutions, which often spend the first few months of the year staring at me and making unpleasant faces, I am going to simply ponder on the word commitment.  What is it that I would like to commit to in the coming year?  What have I successfully committed to in the past, and what have I walked away from?

There are many different definitions of the word, but the one I am most drawn to is simply:

when you are willing to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.

What are you willing to give your time and energy to in 2012?  What do you believe in?  Are you willing to make a promise to do something?  If you break that promise, can you forgive yourself and try again and not throw your commitment away?

I encourage you to commit to writing for ten minutes on commitment.  Don’t edit.  Go…

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