Rory’s workshop is a stepping out. It is a step out of the pedestrian world of the everyday and a invitation to delve, explore, experiment and play. It is a supremely creative environment with ideas to short circuit the critic and unleash the beast, the child, the truth teller, the dreamer within. She offers tools to arm you back in the real world, keeping you productive, working and digging deeply. She has helped me to establish a creative practice so that, where ever I am, I can always find my way home. Don’t miss it.

-Kathy K, Los Angeles

A good friend suggested I take Rory’s class, and I signed on literally not knowing what I was in for. I was in for a glorious surprise. Rory’s sessions were transformational. I couldn’t wait to step into this magical little safe haven every week and learn about myself in ways that truly impact how I relate to the world around me. My relationships with friends and family actually grew stronger. I couldn’t wait to hear from my new friends in the group who suddenly felt like old friends because of the deep connections that formed so quickly. I couldn’t wait to hear Rory’s soothing yet powerful voice guide us through innovative exercises meant to embolden us and tear away the obstacles that keep us from being our best and most creative selves. Rory’s unconditional support improved my writing and my confidence. It inspired me to dust off the “must do someday” pile of papers and get started on the projects I didn’t feel motivated to pursue. I can’t recommend this class more highly. Rory is a true gem.

-Lisa H.

Rory Green is a gifted teacher and an encouraging, soulful guide. From the moment I entered her workshop, I felt warmly welcomed and securely embraced despite my fears about writing. The other women along the 8 week journey couldn’t have been more supportive and loving. I looked forward to our weekly time together when Rory led us in a meaningful, life affirming journey of writing. We are lucky that Rory has created this unique, growth-promoting, positive space for writers of all levels. Looking forward to continuing in the New Year!

-Deborah D.

Write to Be You exceeded all of my expectations. It was a profound experience. Rory is masterful at leading a group of women and pushing us gently to create to our full potential. I was truly touched by the experience, and like a great book you just don’t want to end, I hoped the class would never end each week. This workshop is filled with gems to take away for life, and you can’t leave it without being more inspired, more compassionate, and more productive in life. Thank you, Rory!

-Katherine E.

Rory Green is a writer and therapist who has put together a one of a kind workshop that combines her formal training as a therapist with her life long gift of writing.  The outcome for me, was a surprising and extraordinary journey!  I connected with parts of myself that I haven’t visited in a long time, but was able to do so in a safe and empathic environment.  From the moment I walked through the doors, I left behind my hectic life and entered a sanctuary full of calming aromas and pleasing sounds. The two hours, which flew by each week, were filled with thought provoking & stimulating writing exercises.  I have to confess, I am not a writer, nor do I aspire to be one.  By signing up for this class, I got to be playful, imaginative, expressive and experimental.  All parts of me that I didn’t know were there percolating deep beneath the surface. I felt supported, brave and heard.  Rory has developed a winning method by combining therapeutic thinking with writing exercises.  It truly is a gift to oneself!

-Dawn H, Los Angeles

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up for a session of Write To Be You! In my mind, I had anticipated it to be a “writing class” that would help to affirm a commitment of discipline I was making to myself in finishing a few projects I wanted to shop for publishing. Instead, what met me was an incredible journey into my entire “self” and my life at this time and an extraordinary connection with six of the most beautiful and incredible women that I will treasure and cherish like no others for the rest of my life. Our group truly solidified a “Soul Sisterhood” that was only made possible with our journey woman, Rory, and her keenly intuitive, skillful, and Soul-filled guidance through our weekly gatherings that weaved a remarkable patchwork of personal experiences into a relatable group dynamic. The mirrors that the work created and the reflections that we all shared were surprisingly similar in tone and theme.  There’s absolutely no mistaking the timeliness of this in my life. It was not coincidence, nor was it happenstance, but something more like Divine Intervention… The only way to replicate such a joyful and transformative experience would be to do another session of Write To Be You

-Mia VG.

Write To Be You, Rory’s magnificent workshop, is a combination of writing, searching and discovery all unveiled in a warm and peaceful space that I will now crave each week since it’s completion. Rory finds a way to support each group member where they are, by sharing her own inner self and making it imperative to do the same. She brings an art to the world that she has created and allows each group member to tap what they each have to unleash. Its not an end, only a beginning to continue to dig deeper. The common themes each group member touched upon were uncanny, even as we each had such different journeys to continue. I am grateful for having taken the leap.

-Wendy F.

Thank you again for the class…I wish everytime I took a chance and did something a little uncomfortable…turns out to be wonderful for the spirit… for creativity, making some new and lovely friends, and the inspiration to do more of it!  Your class was my baby step to going back to my career… starting in the new year doing some continuing education classes… and then business card… and voila… I did it!  Thank you again, Rory… you were a wonderful facilitator in so many areas for me…

-Deanna S, Los Angeles

Thank you Rory for creating such a safe and nurturing space for all of us to spread our wings a bit.  I’ve so enjoyed flapping and flying with all the wonderful women!   I’ve learned so much from everyone, and pushed myself to be vulnerable and to stop giving too much validation to my inner critic.  Those are seriously big things for a once a week 2 hour meeting.  Thank you for your gentle guidance, insight and creativity.  You have a gift, and we have been the lucky recipients.

-Mady W, Los Angeles

When I walked into Rory’s world I was tentative about a class with strangers, writing, creating, expressing, that wasn’t based on a college curriculum.   I knew though that I was looking for a unique writing experience and the six weeks in Rory’s workshop surpassed my expectations.  Not only was I surprised at the depth and honesty her well-crafted prompts provoked in my writing, but that I left bonded with group of women whose personal strength and beauty infused me with a new found fortitude that I carry around with me every day.

-Kimberly O, Los Angeles

Having the opportunity to work with Rory in Write to be You presented far more than a chance to explore writing in a group setting. Rory offered a chance to deepen a connection with myself, uncover some hidden truths through the writing process – and create some lovely friendships as an unofficial bonus. It quickly became the highlight of my week. Rory’s loving support and guidance for our group was unwavering and felt far more unique than anything I had experienced before in other writing groups. My sadness at the session ending was tempered only by the chance to sign up again. I can’t wait to see what we will explore next!

-Tara E.

When my dear friend  suggested I take a “writing” class and told me I would love it, I thought she had lost her mind.  First of all, I have three children and a hectic life and schedule and second,  given the fact that I do not consider myself a writer , I pretty much blew her and the idea off … politely.  Then the universe presented the opportunity to enroll and I felt like it was a sign and figured ‘what the heck’.  I teach parenting classes and talk to my parents about the importance of  “self care”.  Little did I know when I signed up that those two hours a week would be one of the best things I have ever done for myself!  I had an epiphany about three weeks into the group that this class is not about the “WRITE to be you” but about the “write to be YOU”.  I found myself looking forward to the two hours to myself a week to completely lose myself; find myself ; and connect with myself and the other wonderful members of our group.  Rory is one of the most insightful and beautiful people on the planet and this class was one of the most wonderful gifts I have ever given myself!  I recommend that you make yourself a priority and take the time to do this phenomenal course, it is worth every penny and them some, in fact, the experience is priceless!!

-Melanie P, Los Angeles

With creative exercises to bypass the judgmental mind, Rory’s gentle and kind way helped dust away insecurities and to access the creative space I (all) inhabit. With her expert guidance, she pointed me in the direction of my inward home to be accessed anywhere and at all times. Creating a safe and calm environment, she helped me become more in-tune with myself and a much braver “me”. I will cherish her classes always and I couldn’t recommend her more.

-Gabriela B.

I signed up for Rory’s Write To Be You class because I’m interested in getting comfortable with writing again for both personal and professional reasons.I wasn’t expecting to get instruction in her workshop, though what I did get was much more valuable. Rory has an extraordinary gift for gently easing you into the writing process and gives you the most creative prompts. I went there rusty and ambivalent and Rory instantly remedied that by creating a warm and safe environment along with thoughtful & provocative writing exercises. You can’t write anything ‘wrong’ in Write to Be You and you can only realize how good it feels to write. Her workshop is the best most unexpected gift I’ve given myself in a long time.  I highly recommend it to any thoughtful individual who desires more creative expression in their life.

-Jacquie I , Los Angeles

The Write to Be You experience is hard to describe, so my best suggestion is to be brave and dive right in.  Rory is a kind and gentle guide.  You will find a warm, nurturing, supportive environment which will strengthen the gifts you already have and challenge you to go even further than you think is possible. You are guaranteed to laugh, cry, explore, be afraid, be braver than you ever imagined, be inspired by others in the group, and in the end, be extremely grateful for this unique experience.

-Laura C. Los Angeles

When I signed up for WTBY, I had a vague inkling that I wanted to delve deeper into my writing. Little did I know that I would bloom into more than just a better writer. With Rory’s incredible compassion and insight along with the unconditional love and support of my fellow group members, I was able to learn to understand and value myself from a more compassionate perspective. I have signed a peace treaty with my inner critic and while she holds a position at my table, she is no longer in charge. Rory has created an indescribable experience in which every single woman has the potential to benefit and to blossom.

-Sarah A, Los Angeles

I took this class to see if I could challenge myself and do something out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t sure what to expect. To my surprise and delight, Rory, through her amazing ability to teach, not only opened my ability to write and explore my thoughts, but made me forget my hectic life for two hours and indulge me in ME time. I have never felt so comfortable and open as I have in her workshop. I’m not quite sure if it’s her soothing voice or her non judgmental attitude that gave me comfort to not only write, but to also read aloud and share. I highly recommend that everyone give themselves this priceless gift & try it at least once. Rory is highly talented, gifted and just a fantastic energy to be around. Do yourself a favor & sign up, because believe me you are going to love it and just like me you are going to beg her for more classes!

-Marjie M, Los Angeles

Rory is an extraordinary teacher and guide.  Her visionary approach to unlocking one’s potential while “writing to be you” is such a positive and life affirming experience.  You are always in good hands and through this class you will find that inspiration abounds.  So thankful to have experienced this class and can’t recommend highly enough!

-Julie M, Los Angeles

Write To Be You was one of those experiences that happen once in a lifetime.  Not only is the setting a place of zen, but Rory’s guided imagery, soothing voice and her surprising writing prompts unleash a world that you might have forgotten even existed.  I never wanted to be a writer, but this class not only made me realize I could write and had a voice, but it helped me conquer fears within me.  To my delight and surprise I now have five new friends that I have bonded with in an intense, deep and meaningful way.  It’s our own circle of trust, no judgements only love and support.  This is one of those “must do’s” to put on your list!

-Jennifer T, Los Angeles

The Write To Be You workshop has transformed my writing and my life. This class has empowered me in so many ways. I never could have imagined that I would receive so much out of a workshop! It has taken me from loathing to write anything, to looking forward to sitting down to write, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. Write To Be You has uncovered creativity I didn’t realize I had. My life has changed on a deep level since taking Core Connection. I love the added support of Rory’s blog and writing prompts.  I can’t get enough of this course!

-Jen W, Los Angeles

As a stay at home mom with a sudden urge for reinvention, I joined Rory’s workshop on a whim. It seemed like a lifetime ago that I had actually been a working screenwriter, and after years of focusing all my energy on motherhood I had completely lost confidence in my voice as well as the the discipline and motivation that had fueled me in the past. From the first day I sat down in Rory’s inviting living room, the words came pouring back to me. Rory’s magical touch has lit the fire in me to be a writer again and has inspired me to work on completing a manuscript.

-Jessica B.

Write to be you not only encapsulates the writer within, but the emotional journey the writer takes when putting pen to paper.  Rory guides each writer to find their own voice and believe in the process of letting the mind go to discover the layers underneath the surface.  I found that after each session I felt more in sync with myself and my world that surrounded me, and I had been given the gift of tuning in.  I think Rory has found her true calling in combining her  psychology credentials with her experience as a writer to create a platform for others to reach their creative writing potential…and understand a bit more about themselves along the way.

-Jennifer H, Los Angeles

This workshop has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I was not much of a journal writer before “Write to be You” but this class has changed the way I see my life and myself in it. Rory is an exceptional person. She is perceptive and insightful and the perfect person to guide one through this wonderfully reflective and creative process. She has shown me how to understand myself better by looking at my reflection on the page and truly seeing myself. Words can not do justice to the work that Rory does and the extent to which I have enjoyed each week of this workshop. Write to be you is a wonderful learning and growing experience.

-Jenny N, Los Angeles

WTBY is a magical gift to give yourself.  It is the work of your soul.  The work you were meant to do.  It doesn’t matter if you can write.  It is about letting yourself be free enough, vulnerable enough to let your true self shine.  If along the way you lost your voice and you want to find a way back, this is the golden ticket you have been waiting for.  Rory is the the most special kind of teacher.  She is never judgemental or critical, but always positive and uplifting.  She is the teacher you always wished for.  Her space is a sanctuary that you can hardly wait to come to.  In the middle of the session, I found myself in a boot and crutches, and all I could think about was “how am I going to get to Rory’s”?  To be in the company of such brave, beautiful souls was an honor.  My intention for WTBY was to find my voice.  Along the very windy road of life, it got lost.  Not only did I find my voice, but a whole person that had been buried.

-Lucy S, Los Angeles

This is not just a writing workshop. It is a unique and extraordinary experience and Rory is a very gifted and gentle guide. It is serene and safe. You are always supported by both Rory and the group, and the journey that each of us went on during the course was rich, gently examined and full of wonder. It really is a gift, and I feel incredibly grateful to have found such an oasis in the heart of LA.

-Sophie J, Los Angeles