Write to Be You workshops are designed to allow some freedom from the pressure to be validated only by an outside source; a pressure that often leaves the creator feeling stuck and self critical. Instead of imposing an agenda of rules and tools, I want to offer participants a chance to write to Be. Be heard. Be thoughtful. Be imaginative. Be expressive. Be experimental. Be playful. Be brave. Be You…

The workshops, run in West LA, are small groups of six people who are curious to spend time connecting with others and themselves through writing practice. Previous writing experience is not required, but is welcomed. The common link is a desire to be expressive and witnessed. Sessions are 2.5 hours long and run for 8 weeks.

The benefits of attending a Write To Be You Reflective Writing Workshop are:

  • Weekly opportunities to share your words in a safe and empathic environment
  • Enhancing creativity and well being
  • A nurturing ‘time-out’ from the routine of your day to reflect & make meaning
  • Working through fears of exposure and ‘getting it right’
  • Exploring obstacles and receiving support
  • Connecting to shared experiences & acknowledging differences
  • A call to creative action and awareness
  • A springboard to help evolve your writing practice

Workshops cover an array of writing exercises including:

  • Writing from prompts
  • Writing from imagery
  • Tackling your inner critic
  • Writing to music
  • Stream of consciousness work

Each week brings new and unique learning opportunities.
Once you have completed the Core Connection eight week course, you can opt to join a monthly meet-up to Keep the Connection.

In today’s world there are countless opportunities to have your work read, ranging from traditional publication to blogs and self-publishing. These methods often leave us disconnected from human interaction and more connected to interaction with a screen. A Write To Be You workshop honours the importance of personal exchanges, away from the computer.

Being part of a creative community, facilitated by a professional, is extremely supportive and healing and can help to foster a more lucid sense of self.

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