Why Write To Be You?

Write to Be You circles are a breath of fresh creative air! They were conceived from a desire to offer an assessment free writing experience and to encourage people to gather in person, increasingly essential in our screen focused world. Instead of imposing an agenda of rules and tools, I offer participants a chance to write to Be.

Be heard. Be thoughtful.
Be imaginative. Be expressive.
Be playful. Be brave. Be You…

Write to Be You circles are ideal for anyone who is looking to connect to themselves and others through a powerful combination of guided meditation, deep listening, self-reflection and inspiring writing prompts. There is no prerequisite to the work other than an open heart and open mind.

The benefits of being part of a Write To Be You circle are:

  • Opportunities to share in a safe and empathic environment facilitated by a trained therapist
  • Enhancing creativity and well being
  • Stress management via a nurturing time out from your day to day routine
  • Working through fears of exposure and getting it right’
  • Taming your inner critic
  • Exploring obstacles and receiving support
  • Connecting to shared experiences and acknowledging differences
  • A call to creative action and a springboard to evolve your writing practice

Step into a Circle!

I offer weekly three hour circles for 4-6 people seasonally in West LA. Please contact me HERE for more information and availability or to place your name on a waiting list.

I can also curate custom stand-alone Write To Be You circles and I can adapt the work to suit the numbers. Examples of this include, Birthday celebrations, Graduations, Anniversaries, Family Events, Company Bonding, Faculty Development days sand Health and Well-being events.

In addition I am available to collaborate on retreats with other practitioners.

I’m also available for speaking engagements and can discuss my inspirational methods and the power of community and empathic connection to enhance our creative landscapes.

To explore what this experience holds in store, read TESTIMONIALS HERE and discover how Write To Be You and my unique and nurturing approach has transformed and enriched the lives of those who have embarked on this creative and liberating journey!